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first drawing by xXBlueFlareXx

first drawing

by xXBlueFlareXx

It's nice to see that your drawing it but a few things for next time.

1: the muzzel is make it...hmmm how should i say like a moubins should look like. It's a bit to big

2. the hand that is holding the void looks twisted and the other hand doesn't look like a hand it looks like he had pumped up fingers that are gonna pop at any min.

3. his hair looks like it has bald spots all over it make it more filling.

4. the body looks like a jellybean XD. Make is more of a oval.

5. the eye is wrong his face looks REALLY long.

6. The ear is too small and where is his over one? and the noes is too pointy and high up it looks like it's about to tip over and fall off.

7. You need help with your legs and hands

There are more but i don't wanna bore you with it so yeah. :/ Btw how the hell did you get that damn printer to work. Everytime i try it doesn't scan >.>?
7 out of 9 deviants thought this was fair.


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